Episode Five: Cutting (Male)

In this episode, I interview a friend of mine who became a cutter.  Self harm is an outrageously common occurrence and I feel like it is not spoken about enough. The first 20 minutes or so explain what lead up to becoming a cutter. Its a fascinating story. Many kudos to my amigo for talking about it.


Romance in Durango

I love this Dylan song. I think the best version I’ve hear of it was from The Bootleg Series Vol. 5: Bob Dylan Live 1975, The Rolling Thunder Revue. There is something about the drunken sway of it that I really like. The video below is from the same tour, but a different show. If you look closely, you will see T Bone Burnett playing guitar in the back round. Dylan plays this song it a lot faster in this video . I wonder what would have caused that…

Minisode 1: The Falkner Creeper

Well, in an interesting turn of events, I’ve recently discovered some information that leads me to believe that my attempts at trying to interview Jason Falkner for the podcast are not going to work. In looking back on the message I sent him recently via Facebook about getting him on the show, I found this little diddy that I apparently wrote him a few years back. We did a bonus podcast of me reading it and adding some commentary, but I wanted you to see it exactly the way that is was written. The beginning of the audio is my friend Pat reading a message he wrote to JF that was only a little creepy.

[audio  https://whatbringsustogether.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/wbut-teaser-2_-the-falkner-stalker.mp3%5D

Dr. Falkner

 Hey. Been a big fan for a long time. I actually saw you when you played in NYC at Piano’s in what I think was 2002. Anywho, been a fan forever and I hadn’t thought much about it until the other day when I saw this lame facebook thing about 25 albums that changed your life and I realized that all of yours have ahad a profound impact on me. To make a redonkulous story short, PLEASE COME TO NY!!! You can stay in my apt. I have several extra beds. Kidding obviously, but we need you. Anytime I go through some crasy relationship bullshit (which seems to happen more often than not) I can always count on your records to make some sense of it to me.

I alsos play oin a band called Gilgongo (myspace.com/gilgongo). So many of our influences come from things I learned from listening to you (The kinks, XTC, Costello, Left Banke, etc). Lot of other wahack in there too like Ween, but give it a listen. We’re in desparate need of a producer for our new material. Help!

No need to respond if you’re not up to it. I really just want to say thank you for being you. You’re a good man Charlie Brown.

-Ryan Schimmenti

Word to the wise here people: If you are thinking of writing ANYONE while you are a little tipsy, spend some time doing anything else instead. Time better spent.

Episode Four: Los Lobos is the greatest fucking band in America

I have been having the “best band in America” conversation with lots of people for years, with people of all different backgrounds and musical tastes. Super-fans, engineers, musicians (some of whom in some pretty serious bands), journalists and many others. Out of the countless times it has come up, Los Lobos has been mentioned more than anyone, without question. This is a conversation that I had with Dan Araque who is the guitarist in the Lisa Bodnar band and all around amazing guy. Dig it!!


Does anyone else want to do holes when they hear this song?

I think Chrissie Hynde is one sexy lady. Maybe it was growing up and seeing the Pretenders on a T.V. channel called MTV that used to show short films that were used as promotional material to help sell music.  I remember watching her in these things called “videos” and being really taken by how she carried herself. She had this fight or fuck look to her that was truly magnetic. You never knew which way that was going to go. Later on as I got more into music, a lady that I was trying to bed down with played me the first Pretenders record and I was pretty blown away. Great songs coupled with the fact that she bore a child with Ray Davies of the Kinks blew my mind. I always thought the Kinks were the most underrated of all of the British Invasion bands.

Anywho, getting back to the point, it wasnt until recently that I really listened to how awesome this song is. I’d heard it before, but I never really paid attention to it. Perhaps because Rush Limbaugh uses it as his theme song(the fact that she lets him do that kind of fucks me up a bit). I dont know. It really hit me over New Years when I was in Savannah Georgia visiting some friends of mine who own a bar/restaurant called the Sparetime.  This bar is the coolest fucking bar in America and all of you should go there now,  but that is a discussion that we will have another day. At the bar they mainly play records.  Not iPods or CD’s or subscription internet radio. Records. These old timey relics of our past that sound way the fuck better than anything that you have listened to in the last 25 years. I was sitting at the bar one night and someone put this song on. I thought it was perhaps the best bass line for baby making that I have ever heard. There is also something about how she delivers the vocals that is very erotic. Maybe its because I was surrounded by a bunch of very attractive people. Maybe its because I was in the need of some lovin’. I dont really know what it was, but I am extraordinarily glad that I heard it and it made me feel the way it did.

Go and give it a listen and then find someone to play with whilst you are listening to it. You wont be disappointed.


For Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite bittersweet love songs by Lowell George

In honor of this day soaked in love, I wanted to post one of my favorite love songs ever.  I was only exposed to Little Feat and Lowell George within the last three years, but I am so glad that I have been. I feel like they are one of music’s most incredible bands…ever. Sadly, they often get forgotten about. This guy was able to write some really amazing stuff, but unfortunately left this world way too soon.  This song in particular has been at the top of my list of beautiful heartbreaking love songs since I first heard it. We will be doing a podcast about him at some point. In the meantime, enjoy the song. Sorry the video is a bit cheesy. Whatchoogonnado? I hope you guys like it.