Episode 39: Rippah

Most of you wont be familiar with Andrew Rippley, but you should become familiar with him. He is, in general, a badass. I hold that term in the highest regard. He is a concert oboist, masterful cocktail maker, and a lover of many things. I only met him about a year and a half ago, and he has quickly become one of my favorite people on earth. If you ever find yourself in Savannah, keep your eyes peeled for Rippah.  Ask him to make you a drink and then have a conversation. You wont be disappointed.

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Episode 38: A talk of things to come…maybe?

This is a conversation I had with Ed Kurz before we recorded our podcast about how to talk to conservatives. Ed is hyper intelligent and a pleasure to talk to about basically anything. In this episode, we talk about our favorite podcasts, the decline of the dollar, the future world powers and many other things. I hope you dig it.

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“Distraction and Why We Need it” by Jay Sustain

Most of us will never ask the question, what does it mean to be a human being? What obligations do we have? What expectations do others have?

You and I are human beings, born on the planet Earth. A fleeting design of our parents’ union. But we are also born citizens. Citizens of America, marks of this society. Though we are born with inalienable rights, our society has deemed those rights feeble, saying what can be given to us, and what can be taken away.

As we evolve into functioning citizens of this society, our individuality is threatened, and in some cases our humanity is completely lost. The weight of societal influence is almost too much to withstand, even the strongest parents will battle against the digital militancy of television and Internet influence. For the next 30 seconds, imagine the society’s that came before us, how they evolved without electricity or media influence. Now imagine what this society would be like if those things suddenly stopped. Chaos! Hundreds of millions of people would go completely insane if the thread of society began to unravel without a relatable news face to tell them why times are bad, millions will just refuse to accept it.

Entertainment has become a necessary factor of distraction, it keeps us satisfied with the decision to become dis-individualized citizens. Entertainment allows us to live vicariously through the characters who achieve lives that we can only dream about. It taunts us with possibility and fantasy, while also making us subservient citizens of society. When’s the last time you heard someone say, “Desperate Housewives” has really inspired me to be a better human being? In the days after 9/11, some New Yorkers took the streets and television, “the terrorists will win if we don’t quickly resume the world series”. The championship baseball game had of course been delayed by the attacks in NYC. Islam did not attack baseball, Osama Bin Laden wasn’t interested in disrupting the Yankees’ winning streak. The reason the games were delayed is because they became unnecessary in the immediate aftermath of such horror. There was no need to play a baseball game when all eyes were on the skies of Manhattan.

In March of 1933, the US government declared its financial inapt and filed for bankruptcy, since that time they’ve been borrowing money or taking loans with interest, from the Federal Reserve Bank, instituted in 1917. Of course the institution is not federal and it has no reserves. It’s actually not even a bank, it is a private company that pays taxes and bases it’s collateral on the amount of people that it can count on its watch, literally. This is done primarily through the US Census. As a citizen of America you are required to have a birth certificate, equating to little more than a note of ownership or citizenship.

Some readers may feel that that’s a brilliant idea, to keep our economy’s value, it’s got to be based on something. But there was an idea for this already, written into our constitution, it’s said no currency should be made lest it be back by bullion or hard currency. Now in the absence of value, the government is allowed to propose outrageous new adaptations, like a “shutdown” or a debt ceiling. These are all man-made ideas and problems, literally blatant distractions. There is no plan or desire to increase the nation’s value, only to maintain their unrealistic globalist agenda, harmful as its proven to be. We are all citizens in a man made society, one that has increasingly eliminated our “rights” and replaced them with bliss.

When you begin to see the hand behind the curtain, it’s easy to blame them for everything that is doomed, but it is you, the recipient that have brought these things about. Elitists are not at fault for preying on the weak are they? That is their plan. Are “they” at fault for filling the open mouths, or for placing a slave shilling in the open hand? This is a system of enslavement and we put the chains on willingly, because “doing it by yourself” is a foreign idea.

The point of my writing is to encourage each and every reader to create your own value, value your own creations. Propagate yourselves, your friends and family members. Create self-sufficiency and self-worth, renewable resources and an environment that will demonstrate your appreciation for humanity. Think of how the generations of you will live if they know nothing of themselves. Consider a life without meaningless entertainment, consider a life where you can think for yourself. What would you become good at?

Here’s a paragraph from Kymatica that I appreciate a lot… The true self is the epicenter of a persons entire being. It is the total sum of everything we are. However humanity has been endowed with the true freedom to choose to obey the true self, or to give into the temptation of vanity and materialism and false ego. Cancer begins when cells fail to communicate with the conscious signal of organism. The cancer upon our earth is the domination of false ego and the denial of nature. Our psychological schism has shut us off from communicating correctly with our inner self.

Episode 37: Deflowered (Male)

This week our topic is losing your virginity. I spoke to a few people I know about the first time they made whoopi. This was a lot of fun. So much so that within the next few weeks I’ll be doing a female version of this. Dig it.


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Episode 36: Stop Being Nice – A User’s Guide to Arguing with Conservatives

After the shutdown of the federal government last week, I was pissed off. I’m sure a lot of people were pissed off. There were some pretty good reasons to be pissed off.

Just before all of that happened, I asked my friend Ed Kurz to write a piece for our WBUT blog. He initially started writing about a different topic but as this whole situation was progressing (if you want to call it that) in DC, he took his blog in a different direction.  As most Americans should be, Ed is also pissed off about why the shutdown occurred.  After reading and publishing his blog piece, I asked him to come on the podcast and talk about the shutdown. This is what came of it.

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Acoustic Archives in Wired Magazine.

Hey everybody. A company I co-founded was featured in the October 2013 issue of Wired Magazine. Take a look at the article. Our Kickstarter campaign just launched too. If you or anyone you know could help us with funding, I will try my darndest to make all of your dreams come true.  Give both a look below.


A Hot, Sticky Mouthful of Truth by Ed Kurz

I wish Liberals would stop saying healthcare is a right. Healthcare is not a right. In fact there are no rights – no matter what the Constitution or anyone else says. There are only privileges that we all agree to work on collectively for us all to enjoy. “Rights” assumes there is a GOD granting these mystical gifts upon us in some sort of default position. That’s total horse shit. WE HUMAN BEINGS HERE ON EARTH are the only ones that can grant these things upon our selves as a society through hard work and cooperation. A “right” implies a given that can be taken for granted. A privilege implies something that must be maintained through sustained effort. The Bill of Rights is basically a shit wipe at this point in history. The Government has routinely destroyed access to virtually all the rights it’s supposed to uphold and we’ve let them through laziness apathy and ignorance. Look – Our healthcare system is still amazing and I got ridiculously complicated emergency reconstructive ankle surgery even when I had no insurance (I’m still paying for that surgery six years later) – but its incredibly inefficient. Not unlike a great many things here in America. Perhaps if we abandoned the idea that we all have certain rights by default magically from some daddy in the sky at no cost, we could better motivate ourselves toward maintaining and appreciating what actually goes into the expensive privileges we still enjoy here in the USA. The fact that everyone can get top notch treatment in an ER after a horrific accident doesn’t come at no cost. The uninsured are one reason our healthcare costs are so high per capita. This month really begins the great ACA experiment and although the websites are down due to heavy traffic and a government shutdown (not a coincidence) it will eventually get more people paying into the health care pool. The law is already leveling overall costs out but we will have to wait and see what happens once people start signing up for insurance. ACA is the law. These cynical teabagging nihilists won’t be able to stop it. This is simply their last desperate grab to thwart the will of the people and prevent millions of people from having access to more affordable health insurance through treasonous obstructionism. The law is the law. No more free rides. You buy health insurance and HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE! OR you can NOT buy it , pay an expensive tax penalty……..and still NOT have health insurance.

I wish Conservatives would stop expecting me to be “respectful” of them and their feelings, beliefs and opinions. Of course you are entitled to these. But opinions, feelings and beliefs are meaningless. All that matters or can be judged are people’s actions in the real world – not what you tell me is floating around inside your fucking skull. I’m tired of being nice or respectful to people that can’t even explain in any meaningful way how they justify to themselves what the GOP congress and governors are doing right now: The outright sabotage of people’s health insurance. ACA is the law. Get over it. If eventually you can get enough votes to actually repeal it and try something else that’s fine by me – but you have to follow the law. You don’t get to completely disrespect the democratic and legislative process and millions of federal workers and the citizens that rely on their work and not expect for people to push it back in your ignorant face. This entire shut down is disrespectful. And anyone who is defending it is disrespectful – unless they can actually explain to me how they justify it in real world terms – NOT NEBULOUS PRINCIPLES OR OPINIONS THAT DON’T EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD. I personally know dozens of people all over the country who have desperately been waiting for ACA to take effect, only to see some of their state governments completely sabotage the exchanges for purely ideological reasons – not practical reasons like; how can we get more people health insurance. I challenge any of you conservative motherfuckers to actually explain why getting more people paying for health insurance is a bad idea. Please explain how ACA will negatively affect your life enough that you can justify what amounts to a treasonous legislative COUP. And spare me your feelings you thin skinned sissies. If there is one HUGE lesson to take away from this shutdown nonsense it’s that conservatives don’t give two fucks about anyone else’s feelings but their own.