Episode 59: Har Mar Superstar

I have listened to Har Mar Superstar’s latest record, Bye Bye 17, pretty much nonstop since I bought it back in March of this year. I bought it the day after seeing one of his shows at SXSW.  Since then, any time I talk to anyone about great records of the last year, I make sure to tell them that it is at the top of my list. This interview is easily one of my favorites that we have done and I hope you all enjoy it.

[audio  https://whatbringsustogether.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/episode-59-har-mar-superstar-final-edit.mp3%5D

One thought on “Episode 59: Har Mar Superstar

  1. Loved the interview. Thought you might get into the history of his handle, Har Mar Superstar. That’s what caught my attention and brought me to my first concert at The Rhythm Room. My niece in Mpls. asked me if he was still finishing up his show in his tighty whities, but I told her he had graduated to designer drawers. I read that he hung out at the Har Mar Mall in Roseville, named for backers Harry and Mary Somebody. My friends and I would ride our bikes over there from its opening back in the early 60s. I even won my first Shoppers Charge card there for snagging the longest trout from a tank. They cancelled my card before my first year of college was over. Anyway, I heard that he developed his alter ego there, and became Har Mar Superstar, with dreams of future fame. Some dreams come true!

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