Episode 40: Jane Fishel of the Sparetime

Jane Fishel is the person who made me appreciate a well made cocktail. Before I met Jane, the most adventurous I would get with a mixed drink was a Greyhound. She made me appreciate classic cocktails and drinks that I would have never dared try. I had my first Fernet-Branca with Jane, and for that, I am eternally grateful. She is a smart, vibrant, hilarious and beautiful person and I am incredibly thankful that I met her and get to have her in my life. Her bar, the Sparetime in Savannah, Georgia, is my favorite bar in America. I know that is a bold statement, but there is something very different about the Sparetime. The cocktail menu, the incredible employees, the record collection, all of these things make Jane, her people and her bar extraordinary. If you find yourself in Savannah, you are doing yourself a disservice unless you pay them a visit.

[audio  https://whatbringsustogether.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/episode-40-jane-fishel.mp3%5D

Episode 20: Rantin’ and Ravin’

This week’s podcast is a bit different. I gave it a go at doing one with no guest. I recently traveled to California to interview one of my heroes as well as officiate a wedding. Lots of things have been going on in my universe: acoustic archiving, finally joining OkCupid, confrontations with TSA guards, watching a Christian girls soccer team who had several members who wanted to mount each other. Things are getting weird, and I’m here to tell you about them. Dig it.

[audio  https://whatbringsustogether.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/solo-podcast.mp3%5D

Russian Hill by Jellyfish

I’ve got a lot of “I woke up singing this song” posts. Its gonna happen. However, when I woke myself this morning and neglected to engage my kettlebell, I was taken by the sunrise. Unfortunately, its not something I pay attention to every day. I, as I’m sure many of us, have certain songs that pass through my head when I see beautiful sights, especially in the morning when things are at their calmest.  This song has been on my list for a while. I recorded a podcast about this band recently, so they have been on my mind quite a bit. Ironically, this was one of my least favorite Jellyfish songs until a few years ago.

I went to San Francisco for New Years Eve in 2005. I went a few days early and spent some time kicking around the city with my iPod. I was staying at a Sheraton with my father, who is a fantastic traveling companion. When he would be off doing his thing,  I was wondering around listening to music. San Francisco is quite a city to do that in because of all of the hills. You are making quite a commitment to a leisurely stroll.  I knew that I wanted to see Lombard street (the most crooked road in the world and ALSO the street that housed the Real World San Francisco cast) so I made my way towards it. Once I got to the top of the hill I saw a Russian Hill sign. Being a Jellyfish fan, I was familiar with the name. I went through my iPod and found the song thinking maybe I could finally make some connection with it. Did I ever. I walked around that neighborhood for about 40 minutes listening to that song on repeat. The neighborhood has so many interesting looking houses and vibrant colors everywhere (so does a lot of San Francisco). I finally went for the hook. It was marvelous.

I recently went back to attend a wedding and put the song on in my rental car. It came on just before I was going over the Golden Gate Bridge, heading towards Sausalito. A fog was just rolling in over the bridge and I was nearly paralyzed by the sight of it. I’m sure this is commonplace for people who live there, but for this boy from NYC, I was completely entranced. As the fog rolled over me, all I could hear was this song. The song has a dreamy quality to it that could not have been more perfect for that moment. It was definitely one of the most memorable musical connections that I have ever made, and I know that I’ll be chasing it for the rest of my days.